Sirhind Body Builders is one of the extra ordinary manufacturer in Indian markets. The most important fact about the firm is that they always wishes to do extraordinary compared to other firms. This fact mostly keeps them ahead of their competitors by a huge margin. Apart from the quality products manufacturing firm also keeps their rates very reasonable so that no body has to choose between quality & prices. The proud owner Hemraj is a very hard working and honest person with high level of determination. He has just one love and one hobby and amazingly they both are also same & thatís his work and so why because of his workaholic nature he usually never gets any free time to spare. He starts his manufacturing career with after earning a considerable knowledge & experience.

Company is the Manufacturer of High Class Bus, Truck, Tipper & Container Fabricators Firm not only have latest machineries but they are also equipped with best of the engineers who are highly educated & experienced, which makes them one of the most reputated & trusted brands in the field.

Eventhough cheap imports are hampering the business, for which to grow in same line to make their future is very bright also firm is likely to implement the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certification in near future. He also thinks that government should help Small Scale industries to grow. Firm has received various award from prestigious association and organisation. Firm has its customer base into all around he nation.

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